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A series of in depth articles for those already familiar with the Technique

Why the plant?

A student was reviewing my site recently and was confused about a photo that was featured prominently. It could do with a bit of explanation ... The image seen here can be found at the top of my homepage and in a few other places. In English it is … Continue reading about Why the plant?


A series of F.M. Alexander's teaching aphorisms have been available for some time. They first appeared in The Alexander Technique: the essential writings of F.M. Alexander (1969), a book of thematically arranged selected material from Alexander's … Continue reading about Aphorisms


The following is a brief definition of the Alexander Technique that I found online a few years back. As the definition is quite off the mark, I queried the author at the time but didn't receive a response. I can't provide a link as the page no longer … Continue reading about Misunderstandings